COVID-19 FAQ for International Students and Visiting Scholars

ICE Reverses Decision About Online Only Classes.

Center for International Education
  • How to apply for Conditional Admission to CSULB:   

    Applicants who do not meet the California State University, Long Beach English Language requirement but meet all CSULB academic requirements may improve their English proficiency first through the American Language Institute. Upon successful completion of the required Intensive English Program level, students may begin their degree studies.*

    1. Apply to the American Language Institute and pay the $150 application fee
    2. Apply for admission to CSULB by clicking here for the Cal State Apply process
    3. Prepare to submit the following documents:
      • Government financial guarantee or bank statement less than 6 months old and the Financial Affidavit
      • Official English translations of all Academic Records and Certificates/Diplomas. Documents must be original or official copies with school stamp 
      •  Passport Copy: Please copy the pages in your passport on which your name and date of birth appear
      • Health Insurance Consent form

    *If you are seeking to gain Conditional Admission into a graduate program, we advise you to please check directly with the graduate department on whether it is offering Conditional Admission for the term and program you are interested in joining. Also please be aware that admission deadlines and requirements may vary by graduate program. Click here for more information on Graduate Programs and Academic Advisors.

    Undergraduate Conditional Admission to CSULB:
    ​If you want to start at the ALI in... ​Then apply for undergraduate ConditionalAdmission to CSULB for this term:
    ​Apply between these dates**
    ​Spring PREP* ​Fall ​October 1 - December 31
    ​Summer IEP ​Fall ​October 1 - March 1
    ​Summer PREP* ​Fall ​October 1 - April 1
    ​Fall IEP ​Fall ​October 1 - April 1
    ​Fall PREP* ​Spring ​August 1 - August 15
    ​Spring IEP
    ​Spring ​August 1 - October 1
     *Intensive Preparatory Program (PREP) must be followed by successful completion of Level 4 (undergraduates) in the Intensive English Program (IEP) in order to receive the TOEFL Waiver/English Proficiency Waiver.

    **If the application and all supporting documents are not submited by the dates listed, your application will not be considered.