COVID-19 FAQ for International Students and Visiting Scholars

ICE Reverses Decision About Online Only Classes.

Center for International Education

  • NADER testimonial.JPG'I was so glad and pleased that I had been chosen as an ambassador for my classmates. I really appreciated the trust and opportunity.  First, the experience with the ALI is like you still feel that you are at home, by the constant support that helps everyone reach their goal. All the instructors are kind and helpful. I really appreciate their time of explaining and delivering the perfect information. Second, I met very wonderful people that support me a lot to be successful in my field, which is accounting. Third, the most enjoyable thing in Long Beach is to meet with different people from a diverse society and to experience their honesty and loyalty, because they give me big hope and support.' — Nader Zeglam, Libya, Intensive English Program

    'ALI teachers and faculty are so friendly. They always encourage students to push forward, not only with study but also in daily life. The classes are great. The class quality is much better than other ESLs. It’s not an exaggeration to say that my TOEFL score tripled because of ALI.' Miho Takahashi, Japan, Prep Program/Intensive English Program/University Study at the Beach (USB)

    YOKEY testimonial.JPG'When I came here, I really had no friends. When I studied in ALI, I felt very comfortable because I made a lot of new friends from many countries. They made me feel like I was with my real friends. Moreover, the teachers were so good. They always have time for answering questions and also helping me practice English skills. CPs are good helpers that help me practice speaking skills. I really enjoyed being here.' — Napat Thompik, Thailand, Intensive English Program

    'I have had a great experience at the American Language Institute. The instructors and staff members work hard together as a team to help students achieve their goals. While enrolled in the American Language Institute, students learn not only language but also a lot about American culture and life in America. Moreover, the students have the opportunity to choose elective classes that they are interested in, in addition to taking their core classes. Besides learning English, I have made many friends from all over the globe.' Yaser Zaid Al Juwaid, Saudi Arabia/USA, Intensive English Program

    CHASE testimonial (1).JPG'It was a wonderful experience to be here at ALI. As an International student, it was a great pleasure to cooperate with students as well as the teachers. I have enjoyed doing so much cool stuff, such as out-of-class activities, volunteering, conversation lab, and being an ambassador. In the ALI, I have made tons of friends, built a strong bond together, and have created so many unforgettable memories. I have spent nearly a whole year in America and noticed that there are countless things I need to learn about American culture. Living in Long Beach made me feel like living in my own country; as you know, there is a Cambodian community here. It was fun and I am grateful for studying here at the ALI.' Kim Hor Keu, Cambodia, Intensive English Program

    'I am so happy that I could take three units of ballet courses when I was in Level 5 at ALI. That was a quite amazing and unforgettable experience to study at CSULB, because the instructors are qualified and the studios are excellent. That experience has helped me to be a confident and happy person, and further develop my English skills.' Heng-I Lu, Taiwan, Intensive English Program