College of Professional & International Education

Mission: CPIE transforms lives by providing multiple educational pathways to personal and professional success via campus-based, online, and transnational educational programs

Vision: CPIE will serve as the center of a dynamic knowledge ecosystem that embraces technology to respond to the evolving educational demands of our diverse local and global learners.


  1. Access - We provide programs and services that are open to all who are seeking personal and professional growth.
  2. Innovation - We remain on the leading edge of higher education programs, customer service, and technology.
  3. Quality - We deliver the highest quality in all that we do.
  4. Integrity - We act ethically and honestly toward our students, colleagues, and global community.
  5. Equity - We make decisions and take actions that are fair-minded, impartial, and free from bias.
  6. Community - We recognize our role in an interconnected global community, and we integrate that perspective into everything that we do.
  7. Empathy - We respect others and strive to understand and be sensitive to their experiences.