On November 17, the Confucius Institute at CSULB held a special training workshop on 'Classroom Management' for Chinese teachers in the Los Angeles area.

In September, the Confucius Institute at CSULB launched its 2018 Confucius Institute Day and the Chinese Culture Festival. This year's series of events featured three main experiences.
At noon on September 19th, the opening ceremony was held at Maxson Plaza on the university’s campus. Terrence Graham, Associate Dean and Executive Director for International Programs, kicked off the festivities with an announcement. Then the U.S.-China Cultural Art Troupe took the stage, comprised of local artists who performed traditional folk dances such as the Chinese Shaanxi northern folk dance, “Pretty Girls” and the Tibetan dance “The Daughter of Heaven,” followed by a Chinese folk music ensemble performing the tunes “Color Clouds Chasing the Moon” and “Golden Snake Dance.”

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​This summer, the Confucius Institute held its Practical Chinese II course, which was offered free for CSULB staff and faculty. The ten-week course ended on August 29, providing students with a second level of abilities in basic spoken Chinese language skills.

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From June 18th to July 13th, 2018, the Confucius Institute at CSULB hosted their four-week Chinese Language Summer Camp. Seventeen students from the local community, aged 6-13, participated in the program. They learned Chinese language as well as different elements of Chinese culture during a fun-filled educational experience.

The 9th annual GoodTalk “Global Village” International Speech Competition, sponsored by the Confucius Institute at CSULB, was held on July 14, 2018 in the USU auditorium on campus. Originally established in Singapore in 2009, the competition is currently hosted in multiple locations including China, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Denmark, and other countries. The main goal of the competition is to encourage Chinese students to study abroad, while helping promote Chinese language skills to others around the world.

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Chinese Bridge 2018.jpg​The Confucius Institute at CSULB recently completed its second annual Chinese Bridge summer camp, which took a group of 23 high school students to China for a two-week trip from June 9 to June 23, 2018. The students and their chaperone, from Long Beach’s Sato Academy of Mathematics and Science, visited three cities during the tour: Qinhuangdao, Xi’an, and the capital of Beijing.