On March 8, 2019, the Confucius Institute at CSULB hosted a Chinese language speech contest in collaboration with Sierra Madre Middle School and Field Elementary School. The contest was based on the theme “My View of China” (我眼中的中国), and was divided into two groups for middle school (grades 6-8) and elementary school (grades 4-5). To open the competition, Vice Principal Dr. De Bose gave a welcome speech and thanked Confucius Institute for supporting the event.

Hosted at the Sierra Madre High School Multipurpose Hall, the middle school group featured 29 students participating in a two-and-a-half hour competition. Sixth-grade student Elisha Himsl won first place; while three eighth-grade students (Justin Hong, Gwendolyn Lopez, and Angel Melchor) won second place. Third place was awarded to five students: Angelina Waluszko, Chloe Vuong, Jeffrey Smithwick, Sienna Ng and Jocelyn Leong. Dr. De Bose and Confucius Institute Director Heidi Zhang presented certificates and trophies to the winners.

The elementary school group competition was held later that afternoon in the auditorium of Field Elementary School. Principal Daniel Bagby gave a short speech, welcomed the arrival of the Confucius Institute team, and thanked all the parents for their support. In the end, Carolyn Wang won first place; Eula Johnson and Tyler Knight won second place; and Anneka Shiao, Sadie Fleagane, and Madison Williams won third place. Zhang and Bagby presented certificates and trophies to the winners.

The contest embodied the Confucius Institute’s mission to cooperate with local schools in providing platforms for children to display their learning of Chinese language and culture. Children are able to enhance their self-confidence in learning Chinese, while stimulating their enthusiasm for learning with resources from Confucius Institute.

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