College of Professional & International Education
  • The Practical Chinese Course is the main Chinese language course held by Confucius Institute at CSULB. It is free to CSULB faculty and college students. Under the guidance of the new HSK Chinese Proficiency Test, the course consists of six levels, which cover basic, intermediate and advanced courses. Each course includes a thorough study of language structure, language function, and related cultural knowledge; along with training in listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. As a result, students comprehensively develop and improve their Chinese language ability, communicative competence, and learning abilities.

    Currently, Practical Chinese - Level 2 (for CSULB staff and faculty) is being offered. Additional levels will become available in Fall 2019 for staff and faculty, as well as CSULB students. For additional information, please contact Confucius Institute at CSULB staff member Na Gao at or 562-985-1044.