College of Professional & International Education
  • Test and Registration Time
    Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) will publicize the schedule of Chinese test centers all over the world at the end of each year, and the test date of each center may be slightly different. Before the registration, please access to see the schedule of each test center or consult the test center you are to choose. The beginning date of registration for each test shall be at least one month prior to the test date, and the registration shall be ended 20 days prior to the test.

    Test Admission Ticket
    Upon successful registration, the test taker will receive confirmation information approximately 15 days prior to the test date, and may log on to the registration website to print the test admission ticket, or take the test admission ticket at the exam outlet where he/she gets registered.

    The contents of test admission ticket shall include the test taker’s name, nationality, gender, certificate type and number, test subjects, test time, test center, test location, and test room.

    The test taker shall carefully check whether the information on the test admission ticket is accurate and correct after receiving it. The name, gender, birth date, and ID card number on the test admission ticket must be consistent with those on the valid certificate; otherwise, the test taker will not be allowed to take part in the exam.

    If the information on the test admission ticket is wrong, please do not alter it without authorization. After the chief examiner verifies that the information is actually incorrect on the test date, the test taker may alter it under the chief examiner’s supervision; and the examiner shall affix his/her signature on the test admission ticket for certification; otherwise, his/her exam shall be rendered invalid.

    The test admission ticket is the certificate for entering the test room to take the test, and shall be kept by the test taker after the exam. The test admission ticket shall be shown when the test taker inquires about the score report or certificate. Generally, the number of the test admission ticket shall also be provided to obtain value-added services such as online results enquiry and supplement of score report.

    Test Taker’s Photo
    As for any test required to offer a photo, the preparation and use of photo shall be made according to the following requirements:

    If the test taker provides a digital photo, it must include the following electronic file specifications:

    If the test taker provides a paper photo, it must include the following specifications:

    Articles Carried for the Test
    On the test date, the test taker must carry the following articles to the test room:

    The test taker must NOT carry the following articles:

    Entry Time and Entry Certificates
    The test taker should arrive at the designated test room half an hour before the exam begins so as to avoid being late. If the test taker is late for less than 5 minutes, he/she may immediately enter the test room to take the exam. If the test taker is late for 5-35 minutes, he/she may take the exam when the next part of the exam begins, and no extension shall be given to make up for the lost time. If the test taker is late for more than 35 minutes, his/her qualification of taking the exam will be cancelled.

    When entering the test room, the test taker should show his/her own test admission ticket and the stipulated ID certificate provided during his/her registration. The name on the ID certificate must be fully consistent with that on the test admission ticket; the photo on the certificate must be the recognizable test taker himself/herself (the photo should be identical with the appearance of the test taker).

    After entering the test room, the test taker should put the test admission ticket and the ID certificate at the top right corner of the table, so as to facilitate the examiner and proctor to conduct inspection at any time.

    If the test taker fails to provide the stipulated certificate or presents any fake certificate when entering the test room, he/she will be refused to take the exam, and the exam fees shall not be refunded.

    Break and Exit
    In general, the test taker should not leave the test room midway through the exam. If there is a special reason that the test taker has to leave the test room midway, he/she should ask for permission from the examiner in charge of the exam. Before leaving the test room, the test taker shall submit his/her test admission ticket to the examiner, and show the ID certificate when he/she returns to the test room.

    Test Room Regulations

    Emergency Situations

    Absence from the Test
    If the test taker does not take the test on the test date for reasons not caused by the test sponsor, the consequences should be assumed by the test taker, and Chinese Testing International is not responsible for arranging a re-test for the test taker. The test fee shall not be refunded.

    Violation and Punishment
    In the process of the test, if any test taker conducts cheating acts such as hire of a proxy to take the exam, plagiary, notes smuggled into the test room, preview of relevant materials, or similar behavior, then the chief examiner has the right to forbid the test taker to continue the test, or makes a record on the exam report; and Chinese Testing International has the right to cancel the test taker’s test result and reserves the right to forbid him/her to take all tests conducted by the Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters.