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The Master of Science in Emergency Services Administration (EMER) program at CSULB focuses on building and managing disaster-resilient communities. Active professionals have enrolled in this cutting-edge program from around the world—from firefighters in California, to paramedics assisting Syrian refugees in other Middle Eastern countries.

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Designing brands for today’s global market place demands a particular set of skills. Since 2016, CSULB professor Tor Hovind and his counterpart Sven Vogel—from Germany’s Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)—have worked across continents to train students in brand development. In July, their collaboration continued during the two-week International Brand Design Summer Workshop at HAW, where over 40 students from both universities engaged in research and developed design prototypes.

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The Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) is the nation’s largest metropolitan planning organization, representing 191 cities and more than 18 million residents. At SCAG’s 53rd Regional Conference and General Assembly in May, two recent CSULB grads and CITT research assistants were chosen as finalists for the prestigious Esri Story Map Competition.

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CCPE’s American Language  Institute (ALI) received its nine-year reaccreditation certificate from the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA), meeting the high standards of the international organization that focuses on post-secondary intensive English language programs.

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Upon recommendation from the Academic Senate of the California State University, Long Beach Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Brian Jersky approved a name change for the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) on Thursday, November 15, 2018. The college’s new name, the College of Professional and International Education (CPIE), more accurately reflects what the college does, as well as the students and communities it serves.

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PHOTO: U.S. delegation celebrates Nauryz with senior administrators of Satbayev Kazakhstan National Research Technical University in Almaty.

CCPE Associate Dean and Executive Director for International Programs, Terrence Graham, traveled to Kazakhstan in April for the U.S.-Kazakhstan University Partnerships Coaching Program. The Central Asian country is seeking to align their higher education efforts with American practices, and the trip was funded by the U.S. State Department to foster connections between U.S. and Kazakhstani universities.

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