CammieLaster.jpg​As one of the most respected international freight service providers in the world, Dependable Global Express (DGX) is a constant presence in the world’s shipping ports and airports, crisscrossing the planet between the U.S. and almost any international location. That means the company has a lot of packages, routes, and customers to track. But in addition to all of that, DGX Chief Culture Officer Cammie Laster recognizes that her company has an even more valuable asset: their employees.

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​When CSULB students want to study abroad, their first stop is the Education Abroad Office, where they can often find student advisor Coral Gangitano enthusiastically guiding them towards a new country.

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​“Education plays a vital role in helping form and shape the future of a country.”

That seems like a reasonable statement for anyone to make, but CSULB alum Brenda Vasquez has had the unique experience of comparing and contrasting specific educational systems across three different countries.

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Anshu_600.jpg​When Climathon, a 24-hour global climate change challenge, came to Long Beach in October 2017, CSULB grad Anshu Pallav was more than ready to contribute. The annual event invites innovators in major cities worldwide to help humanity achieve zero fossil fuel emissions in the next 30 years. Having just earned his Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (MSGISci) degree, Pallav presented his idea for a local solution that stemmed directly from his experience in the program.

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​Southern Californians depend on the ocean for food, transportation, recreation, and much more. Ensuring the health of marine ecosystems against man-made threats is vital to our well-being, so the Advanced Media Production (AMP) department at CPIE has decided to take action.

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​Everyone knows that a bad day can quickly improve with the appearance of a furry friend. Emotional support pets are appearing with increasing frequency, but where is the science to back up the necessity of these creature comforts?

Questions like that have been on the mind of Emily Craig, a 2018 graduate of CSULB’s Master of Science in Emergency Services Administration (EMER) program. As a Senior Emergency Medical Specialist at the Riverside County Fire Department, she is well aware of the stress that results from the intense situations, sleep deprivation, and repetitive mental anguish that first responders often experience. Without positive methods of processing these experiences, firefighters can often fall prey to negative behaviors including drugs, alcohol, and even suicide.

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