​Chiang Mai province in northern Thailand is home to a diverse group of border-crossing workers from other regions of Asia, many of whom are classified as stateless—unable to vote, buy land, travel freely, or seek work like official Thai citizens can. But children in these communities still need an education, and CSULB instructor Rick Opland has been bringing groups of study abroad students to the area to lend a helping hand.

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MannyM_China-400.jpgLike many people around the world, Manuel Muratalla’s introduction to Chinese culture was through kung fu. Growing up, he loved watching Bruce Lee movies with his dad. By the time he was in high school, his fascination with the ancient martial arts form began to get serious.

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“I never had one day off for two years—work five days a week, many times very long hours, [then] all-day Saturday class, all-day Sunday homework and meeting with your team. It was exhausting—just like opening your own business!”

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“Studying abroad was the best decision of my life! I can’t say that enough.”

Those are the words of CSULB student Raychel Ruiz, who spent the first half of 2017 as an Education Abroad student at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) in Aarhus, Denmark. The oldest and largest educational institution that offers journalism courses in that country, DMJX ended up being a perfect fit for Ruiz—even if she didn’t quite know what she was getting into.

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Amy Lee remembers August 18th, 2013 as the day that changed her life. That’s when she came to the United States for the first time. She barely had time to register any culture shock before she arrived on campus at CSULB for orientation the next day. It was a whirlwind journey from her native South Korea, but she needed to get acclimated to her new home quickly. Fortunately, following a recommendation from a friend, CSULB’s American Language Institute (ALI) was there to welcome her.

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Luis Miramontes_P16-302-089_v2_USF_109_percent.jpg“I have always wanted to go into the aerospace industry,” said Luis Miramontes, “and when I heard there was a program that was created in the aerospace capitol, I felt like it was meant to be.”

Miramontes, a graduate of CSULB’s Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Degree Completion program in the Antelope Valley, currently works in his dream job as a Numerical Controls Programmer for Lockheed Martin, a highly technical position where complex theory meets hands-on aircraft design.

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