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CounterpartsLayout.jpgPictured (clockwise) Sheila Thomas (CSU Chancellor's Office), Regina Cash (CSULB Professional Programs, event organizer), Jeet Joshee (CSULB CCPE Dean), What Color is Your Cape Session, Deb and Mark (CSULB), CSU Chancellor Timothy White speaking at the Counterparts dinner.

CCPE had the honor of hosting California State University’s 10th annual Counterparts Conference February 12 and 13. A system-wide professional development conference for extended education staff, the event serves as an opportunity for employees from the 23 campuses to network, share best practices, learn about other functional areas within extended education, and improve skills and knowledge.

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One of the classic images of late 60s/early 70s television was architect-dad Mike Brady of The Brady Bunch seated at a drafting table designing his next masterpiece for a client. However, by the end of the decade, the advent of powerful desktop computers would transform the way drafting was done. The use of computer-aided drafting (or CAD) became a fast, accurate alternative to traditional hand drafting. Several small changes to a drawing could be made quickly that might have required a completely new drawing to be redone from scratch otherwise.

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Los Angeles is often called the entertainment capital of the world. Film and television are partially responsible for changing the face of Los Angeles County from that of orchards and ranches to the major metropolitan powerhouse it has become. According to a November 2012 economic study by the Los Angeles County Development Corporation, the entertainment industry remains one the county’s largest industries and was responsible for providing jobs to roughly 247,000 workers in the previous year. Nearly everyone who lives in the area knows at least one person in the industry, so much so that it is taken for granted. Although the Oscar and Emmy seasons have wrapped, there are still those responsible for making sure entertainment is top of mind throughout the year: entertainment marketers.

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