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Nancy Pfeffer, the public policy guru, City Fabrick board member, and Environmental Responsibility instructor with CSULB’s Global Logistics Specialist (GLS) professional designation program, has been named to the Long Beach Transit (LBT) Board of Directors by Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia.

One of four women newly named, and expected to be appointed this January; Pfeffer said she is excited about the predominantly female board consisting of six dynamic women and one man. The new team will be responsible for guiding the entirety of Long Beach’s transit system, including how it will partner with outside resources to expand services beyond buses.

“I would love to keep the great system we have,” she said.  “But, assuming we can, I’d like to get creative to see how our transit system can work with other modes to offer people options. I’m really interested in taking this utility to the next phase.”

An authority on environmental responsibility, Pfeffer has directed the CITT Environmental Responsibility session as part of the GLS program, lead Caltrans Goods Movement seminars, and has taught a Port of San Diego Marine Terminal Program through CSULB’s Center for International Trade and Transportation, and will bring a unique perspective to the LBT role. Pfeffer has long-been  an outspoken and active advocate for public transit, bicycling, rights and access for those with disabilities, and public policy/infrastructure in regard to public transit.

“Long Beach has unique needs and unique challenges. We’re very spread-out. Years ago, as a society, we committed ourselves to the car. Now, we’re confronting new environmental challenges. With smart growth we can provide people with lots and lots of choices. And, if people can easily use their bike or have flexible transportation options, they will consider leaving their car at home.”

A Chemistry and Physics major, Pfeffer went straight into environmental science right out of college. Starting with the aerospace industry, she moved to New Orleans to contribute to space shuttle environmental compliance initiatives. After moves to Baltimore, Maryland, and Oakland, California, Pfeffer settled in Long Beach in the mid-90s to work with Arco.

Today, a public policy analyst and communicator focused on the intersection of environmental and transportation issues, Pfeffer is excited to live in such a dynamic port city.

“Long Beach is an enormous port complex. Combined with L.A., we are the biggest in the nation and within the top 10 port complexes in the world. We have unique challenges surrounded by homes, businesses, and industry; we’re a laboratory, an example, and a historic location for the transit and goods movement sector. It really is incredible.”

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Some really great views there, does anybody know how Nancy got on in office?
Posted by Car Servicing on Thursday, May 14, 2015

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