Director Ken Santarelli

In late October, Dr. Ken Santarelli, Director of CSULB’s Antelope Valley Engineering Program, was recognized by the Lancaster-based humanitarian group Agents of Change for his leadership and commitment to promoting mechanical and electrical engineering in the Antelope Valley.

“Dr. Ken Santarelli brings a lot of passion, excitement, dedication, and leadership to the CSULB Antelope Valley Campus,” said Miguel Coronado, City of Lancaster Planning Commissioner and Founder of Agents of Change humanitarian group. “His commitment to recruit, retain, and graduate electrical and mechanical engineers in our community is magnificent.”

Agents of Change, a public service group focused on a wide variety of community issues, most notably education, awarded Dr. Santarelli at the city of Lancaster’s Agents of Change Leader of the Year 2015 event on October 30. Congressman Steve Knight, Senator Sharon Runner, Assembly member Tom Lackey, LA County Board of Supervisors Mike Antanovich, Mayor R. Rex Parris, and Dr. Suarez-Coronado, recognized Dr. Santarelli.

“Ken is an outstanding individual who has served the community with distinction for many years,” said Forouzan Golshani, Dean of the College of Engineering. “His leadership role in launching the engineering program in the Antelope Valley area, his enthusiasm to collaborate with the program partners, and his commitment to making it better every year are the hallmarks of Ken’s service to the surrounding communities.”

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