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PHOTO (L-R): Kevin Nunes of Kuehne + Nagel; GLS graduates Luis Smith, Devin Chan, and George Salmeron; and Stefan Minder of Kuehne + Nagel at CITT’s Spring 2017 graduation

When many people hear the phrase “global logistics,” they might be hard-pressed to define what it means. But anyone who has ever had a package delivered to their door knows that it’s the result of a complex worldwide network that moves products from factories and warehouses to ports, retail shops, and customers’ homes.

Because of the low visibility of those working behind the scenes in this process, there's a lack of young talent to fill important roles in the industry. Luckily, one of the industry's leading companies is creating a pathway to meet this need. Logistics company Kuehne + Nagel has an apprenticeship program that trains employees by placing them in the Center for International Trade and Transportation’s (CITT) Global Logistics Specialist (GLS) program, where they receive the knowledge and skills they need to specialize in this field.

Spring 2017 GLS graduates Devin Chan, George Salmeron, and Luis Smith are the latest to benefit from the apprenticeship.

“We look for students with passion and a positive attitude, who want to be in this industry,” said Stefan Minder, Vice President of West Area at Kuehne + Nagel. “These apprentices are here to learn while getting a decent wage. Potentially, they can eventually be leaders of this company.”

With 70,000 employees in over 100 countries, Kuehne + Nagel provides services to nearly every sector of the industry: aerospace, automotive, oil, gas, healthcare, retail, and much more. Over the
course of 18 months, students spend time in each of the company’s departments, rotating every six to eight weeks.

“What I like most about this apprenticeship is that it’s a tremendous learning opportunity,” said Chan. “I am new to the industry, so I try to absorb all that can help me work more efficiently.”

The GLS program complements the apprenticeship, with five different modules exploring subjects including freight forwarding and international shipping practices; transportation and logistics management; legal, financial and risk management issues; world trade and government regulatory bodies; and innovations in technology.

“The GLS program is so specific,” said Kevin Nunes, Human Resources Business Partner, Kuehne + Nagel. “For us as an employer, CITT has what’s needed in the industry. At other schools, these topics might be a single chapter in a book.”

“It feels great to be a part of a large global company,” Chan continued. “You gain a broader perspective of the world and get to see how the supply chain connects it all.”

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