​For many international students, American classrooms can feel like a strange environment. Open group discussions and fast-paced critical thinking are often difficult when English is not a student’s first language.

That’s why the Master of Business Administration Prep (MBAP) program, run by the American Language Institute, is a crucial step for international students to polish their English skills and familiarize themselves with graduate business studies at CSULB.

For Anh Vu, the MBAP program provided just the right transition from her native Vietnam to her present enrollment in the Evening MBA program. She initially chose CSULB because of its reputation and location, which she hopes will lead to internship opportunities after graduation in 2020.

“MBAP not only focuses on English skills like reading, speaking, listening, and writing, but also gives me a review of basic business theories,” said Vu.

With a class of nine students, Vu felt welcome and comfortable when she began MBAP studies in 2017, forming close bonds with fellow international students while strengthening her business knowledge. That made it easy to proceed into the MBA program, after which she plans to earn more experience and run her own business.

“One year at CSULB has changed my thinking,” said Vu. “I have a more open mind, and my communication skills have improved a lot.”

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