PHOTO: The traditional art of paper-cutting was a highlight of activities at the Chinese Culture Festival kick-off event

In cooperation with the Confucius Institute on campus, CSULB hosted the annual Chinese Culture Festival from September 25-28, 2017.

The free series of events focused on traditional Chinese art and music, with the aim of improving understanding between China and the U.S. through a variety of cultural and artistic exchanges.

PHOTO: The traditional Chinese stringed instrument guzheng is introduced before a performance

The events kicked off on the lawn in front of the university's bookstore, featuring performances of traditional Chinese instruments such as the hulusi and the guzheng, followed by an opening ceremony dinner that evening.

PHOTO: Examples of Chinese calligraphy were demonstrated and given to attendees of the festival

Throughout the week, the USU Ballroom was filled with exhibitions on traditional Chinese art and calligraphy, music workshops, and lectures on fashion trends, traditional medicine, social media, and international trade policies.

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