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PHOTO (L-R): CCPE Program Developer Hitoshi Furuya, CSULB Study Abroad students, and CCPE Dean Jeet Joshee at Sendai University

​Japan’s Sendai University, which specializes in kinesiology and physical education, celebrated its 50th Anniversary last fall with a week-long series of events. Located northeast of Tokyo, Sendai has enjoyed a longstanding student exchange partnership with CSULB’s Center for International Education (CIE), and invited representatives from CSULB among 19 educational institutions from 13 countries. Representatives from Long Beach included CCPE Dean Dr. Jeet Joshee and CCPE Program Developer Hitoshi Furuya, along with five CSULB students and recent graduates who had participated in study abroad programs at Sendai.

CSULB student performers_600.jpg
PHOTO: CSULB Study Abroad students performing Suzume Odori, the traditional sparrow dance of Sendai

At the welcome ceremony, a commemorative plaque was unveiled on campus to commemorate the CSULB-Sendai partnership. On November 1, the main event was held at Xebio Arena in the city of Sendai, where each partner institutions demonstrated a variety of activities connected to Sendai’s curriculum. The CSULB students performed Suzume Odori, the traditional “sparrow dance” of the Sendai area, showing their dedication to a partnership that will continue for many more years to come.

With Chairman Hozawa and President Abe of Sendai_600.jpg
PHOTO (L-R): Sendai University President Yoshikichi Abe, CCPE Dean Jeet Joshee, and Sendai Chairman Taiji Hozawa

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