Uber and Lyft are great for catching a ride, but what if you prefer to stay behind the wheel? That’s where Turo can get you up to speed. Since 2009, the company has allowed car owners to rent their vehicle out at a much lower rate than rental car companies like Enterprise or Hertz.

For one CSULB student, Turo has also turned into a lucrative source of extra income. As an undergraduate majoring in business marketing, Sam Walker works part-time as a student assistant at CCPE. In coordination with his busy schedule, he began renting his 2006 Toyota Corolla with Turo in October 2017.

“I have been an entrepreneur at heart since I opened my first business my sophomore year in high school,” said Walker. “I owned and operated a snow cone business, plus both my parents are car salesmen, so buying and selling cars is nothing new to me—it’s in my blood. Being a huge car guy and wanting to start my own business once again in a new city, I came across Turo.”

The simple process begins when users create an account, then request a date to drive. The choice of available rental cars, payments, and insurance are all maintained through the Turo app.

“When I am not at school or work, you’ll definitely see me working day and night on the car rentals. When I am not a host, I am a renter. I hope to experience some amazing cars with this platform.”

Even an accident early on in his Turo experience didn’t deter Walker from a great opportunity. His full insurance coverage allowed him to replace his car when it was totaled by a renter, and he was soon not lonely renting out his replacement vehicle, but expanded to a fleet of three newer cars, the latest being a 2018 Camaro RS. As a result, Walker has a full five-star rating as both owner and renter, and often makes between two and three times his monthly car payment.

“What I love so much about Turo is that people deal with me--not an automated robot, but a small business owner looking to do whatever it takes to get a returning customer.”

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