PHOTO: French Study Abroad @ The Beach student Arthur Parmentier (second from left) with his teammates on the 49’er Men’s Rowing Team

French engineering student Arthur Parmentier found his niche while spending a semester in the Study Abroad @ The Beach program. Parmentier arrived just in time for the eventful Spring 2018 season of the 49’er Men’s Rowing Team, and he became an essential part of the team’s success at two big races, the San Diego Crew Classic and the Newport Regatta.

The latter competition was particularly momentous, as the men’s team took home their first trophy since 2004, winning over top contenders like UCLA and UCSB.

“The race was really intense!” said Parmentier. “We’re very proud to have won this cup. ”Getting ready for the races was different than anything Parmentier experienced at his home university, the ECE Paris Graduate School of Engineering. The 49’er rowing team has a standard 5:30 a.m. practice routine, with most athletes usually getting in two workouts per day.

“I have had amazing experiences, thanks to my rowing crew in Long Beach,” said Parmentier. “My teammates are great guys, and the coaches are the best. We worked hard!”

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