Maty Guiza had a lucrative banking job while pursuing Biology and Business Administration at CSULB. Assured by her successful career, she made the fateful decision to leave school during her senior year.

“I never thought of myself as having ‘dropped out,’” said Guiza. “I was earning nearly six figures, and taking a leave of absence from CSULB seemed like a wise thing to do. The university would always be there if I wanted to go back and finish.”

Guiza’s mindset foreshadowed what was to come. When the financial crisis began hitting the economy in 2007, she lost her job. Even though she found work in real estate, she quickly realized that her career was vulnerable without a degree.

Luckily, CSULB was waiting for her in the form of Open University, which made Guiza’s re-entry process as smooth as possible. She was able to raise her grade point average, incorporate credits from previous CSULB coursework, and chart the best path to a bachelor’s degree.

With a passion for health and human sciences, she began attending classes through Open University in Fall 2016, taking courses that fulfilled general education requirements and prerequisites for future studies.

“What appealed to me about Open University was the breadth of courses available, the ease in registration, and the fact that courses counted toward a degree,” said Guiza. “Open University allowed me to succeed as a working professional and student.

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