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PHOTO: CSULB Brand Design Summer School students at HAW Hamburg with instructors Sven Vogel (rear-center) and Tor Hovind (rear-right)

Designing brands for today’s global market place demands a particular set of skills. Since 2016, CSULB professor Tor Hovind and his counterpart Sven Vogel—from Germany’s Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW)—have worked across continents to train students in brand development. In July, their collaboration continued during the two-week International Brand Design Summer Workshop at HAW, where over 40 students from both universities engaged in research and developed design prototypes.

The students’ objective was to search for new opportunities focused on specific target markets, but differentiated for Germany and the U.S. The students considered questions like “What does it mean to be a German or an American?” Then they formed intercultural teams, each of which devised a name, a brand position, and overall concepts for their category. By the second week, each group presented their designs, identifying key communication platforms that were relevant to their brand launch.

“It was fun to watch students from different sides of the pond collaborating creatively and making lifelong friends,” said Hovind.

The CSULB and HAW partnership began over 20 years ago, and has evolved to include semester exchanges, short-term programs, business and film workshops, and more. Hovind and Vogel plan on having future workshops in the spring, summer, and fall.

“The workshop was a huge success, and we look forward to creating an even stronger relationship between our universities as we work towards next year’s summer workshop,” said Vogel.

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