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​PHOTO: EMER Program Coordinator Dr. Shirley Feldmann-Jensen speaking at the FEMA Higher Education Symposium in Emmitsburg, MD in June 2018

The Master of Science in Emergency Services Administration (EMER) program at CSULB focuses on building and managing disaster-resilient communities. Active professionals have enrolled in this cutting-edge program from around the world—from firefighters in California, to paramedics assisting Syrian refugees in other Middle Eastern countries.

Emergency services professions have become extremely competitive, requiring personnel to advance their education and keep up with developments in the field. To help serve this growing need, EMER Program Coordinator Dr. Shirley Feldmann-Jensen has directed efforts to pinpoint workforce needs, resulting in the Next Generation Core Competencies for Emergency Management.

These core competencies include disaster risk management, leadership, critical thinking, professional ethics, community engagement, governance and civics, and dedication to continual learning; as well as literacy in scientific, geographic, and sociocultural developments. Feldmann-Jensen worked on this significant project with input from a global community of experts, educators, and students.

Dr. Feldmann-Jensen and fellow EMER instructor Dr. Steven Jensen presented the work in March at the 2018 National American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Conference in Denver. She appeared on a panel sponsored by FEMA’s Higher Education Program entitled “The Emergency Management Discipline: How Are We Moving the Needle?”, which addressed the core competencies, accreditation standards, and research agendas.

Feldmann-Jensen and Jensen were then invited as speakers at the FEMA Higher Education Symposium in Emmitsburg, MD in June, and their Handbook of Behavioral Anchors and Key Actions for Measurement was published on the FEMA Higher Education website.

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