PHOTO: Opening the modular walls in the new CPIE building’s conference center/classroom space

Less than two years after breaking ground on its construction, the new CCPE building—the first in its 47-year history—opened for classes and events on campus in Fall 2018.

The three-story, 35,000-square-foot facility has 20 main classrooms to accommodate a variety of degree, international, and professional programs. The centerpiece of the building is a modular conference center, which can host up to 300 people for special events. This space can also easily transform into three separate classrooms for instructional purposes. The outside courtyard offers café-style seating as well as Wi-Fi and charging stations for students to work, meet, or relax between classes.

“This is the first new building in CCPE’s history, so it is a dream come true to see it finally gracing our beautiful campus,” said Jeet Joshee, Dean of CCPE and Associate Vice President of International Education and Global Engagement. “It is providing the space we need for our growing community of students, faculty, and industry partners.” 


The building is notable for its combination of technology and sustainability. It is certified with an energy-neutral LEED Platinum® status, which means the structure produces an equal amount of energy to offset what it consumes. An automated control system regulates temperatures based on both conditions outside and occupancy inside. Motorized windows provide natural ventilation, while the specially-designed foundation can radiate warmth or coolness depending on the weather.

Other environmentally-friendly components include the use of solar panels, recycled materials, high-efficiency LED lighting, and low-flow water fixtures.

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