PHOTO: CPIE Dean Jeet Joshee with Jing Wei, the Deputy Director General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters in Beijing

When he’s not in his office on campus, CCPE Dean Jeet Joshee is often catching a plane and heading off to other countries in his dual role as the Associate Vice President of International Education and Global Engagement. As part of his mission to spread awareness of CSULB’s international programs, Joshee spent nearly two weeks in May on a multi-purpose trip to China and Nepal. In addition to sharing educational program information with prospective international students, he also met with university partners, government officials, and media outlets to help expand CSULB’s global network of communities.

While visiting his native country of Nepal, Joshee met with the government’s Min-ister of Education, Science, and Technology, as well as presidents of several Nepalese colleges, including Himalayan White House College in Kathmandu. He then hosted sev-eral presentations for students at local high schools, the Alfa Beta Education services agency, and Education USA, which offers free information, advising, testing, and library services for those interested in U.S. higher education. Joshee also highlighted CSULB programs during interviews with local TV and newspapers, and he held additional meet-ings with multiple university officials, teachers, and educators.

PHOTO: CPIE Dean Jeet Joshee with Nepal’s Minister of Education, Science, and Technology, Mr. Giriraj Mani Pokharel

After nearly a week in Nepal, Joshee traveled to China, where he joined Heidi Zhang, Director of International Training Programs at CCPE. Together, they met with top offi-cials from the Confucius Institute Headquarters (HANBAN) and the Chinese Department of Education in Beijing. While there, they renewed partnerships with the State Adminis-tration of Foreign Experts Affairs, which awards many training contracts to CSULB.

They also discussed CCPE’s International Training Programs with Hubei Department of Education officials, who often send long-term training groups to CSULB. Departing from Beijing, Joshee and Zhang met with other university partners in the cities of Shiji-azhuang, Zhengzhou, and Chengdu, including the Southwest University of Finance and Economics.

“In each place,” said Joshee, “there was an opportunity to renew our existing partnerships and explore future programs.”

The journey also included some interesting side trips. Joshee visited Mount Qingcheng in Sich-uan Province, recognized as the birthplace of Taoism; and the legendary Shaolin Temple, where martial arts and Zen Buddhism combined to create kung fubeginning in the 5th Century.

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