PHOTO: Port Communications Specialist Alejandra Guitron leading the Port of Long Beach harbor tour for the Academy of Global Logistics Summer Teacher Institute

After celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2017, the Center for International Trade and Transportation (CITT) continued to move forward, with an eye on the future of their constantly growing industry.

In order to help educate the next generation of leaders, CITT partnered with the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) to create a scholarship program that helps provide training and experience by covering expenses for students in the Global Logistics Specialist (GLS) and Marine Terminal Operations Professional (MTOP) programs. The 2018 recipients are Ranjie Torres (MTOP) as well as Esmeralda Agre-dano-Salazar, Carina Lam, and Iris Velazquez (GLS). In addition to their courses, these IANA Scholars will participate in networking activities, conferences, and much more.

PHOTO (clockwise from top left): 2018 IANA scholarship recipients Ranjie Torres (MTOP), Esmeralda Agredano-Salazar (GLS), Iris Velazquez (GLS), and Carina Lam (GLS). 

Another new initiative to kick-start careers was launched through the South-west Transportation Workforce Center (SWTWC), a research center housed at CITT. SWTWC helped develop a new Geographic Information Systems (GIS) pilot course at Los Angeles Trade Tech College (LATTC), through an initiative funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The course introduces students to fundamental GIS concepts including geographic data, spatial analysis, and map design, with a focus on solving real-world problems. It also extends opportunities to K-12 students through the college’s dual enrollment program.

In May, the LATTC classroom was visited by Virginia Tsu, Director of the Center for Transportation Workforce Development at the FHWA. Tsu gained first-hand experience with GIS students seeking careers in this field, where specific skills are in demand by a range of employers. She observed the students’ final presentations, then bestowed them with certificates of completion. In addition, she discussed multiple career path-way initiatives and workforce research with CITT leadership.

“A visit from a major federal funder is invaluable,” said Tyler Reeb, Director of Research and Workforce Development at CITT and Associate Director of SWTWC. “Transportation workforce development is about empowering the next generation of workers. This is what a partnership between the federal government and a research center is all about—creating sustainable career pathways.” 

While the GIS course extends CITT’s career training opportunities to community col-lege, the Academy of Global Logistics (AGL) Summer Teacher Institute was designed by CITT to help high school teachers educate students on global trade and logistics. In June, the Port of Long Beach hosted a harbor tour for AGL teachers. Port Communica-tions Specialist Alejandra Guitron led the informative shipboard tour, emphasizing the impact of the port on local job creation, economic infrastructure, and the transition to become a zero-emissions “green port.”

“The harbor tour is about ‘teaching the teachers’ in an effort to strengthen small learning communities and transportation workforce pathways,” Guitron said. “Bring-ing teachers out here is an eye-opening experience that gets them excited to pass on those possibilities.

”Through all of these initiatives and partnerships, CITT is connecting all points of the industry and integrating experiences for students, teachers, and industry professionals.


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