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    Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE). The CIEE started the International Faculty Development Seminars (or IFDS) series in 1990, in keeping with its mission to develop programs designed to internationalize US campuses and curricula. IFDS are short-term (8-12 day), intensive programs, hosted by prestigious universities abroad, that expose participants to lectures and coordinated site visits in order to foster comprehensive, firsthand experience of modern life in that region. In addition, the seminars provide key contacts abroad to promote international relationships for future research, study abroad, and/or business opportunities. Council does not provide funding for its seminars. There is a listing of organizations, however, that have funded the programs in the past. The list can be forwarded upon request. For the year 2000, Council will be offering 17 seminars. For more information about CIEE programs or the 2000 IFDS brochure, e-mail to

    Ford Foundation Global Offices


    Fulbright Scholar Program Grants for study and research overseas.

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    Institute of International Education

    IIE, an independent non-profit organization, founded in 1919, is a world leader in the exchange of people and ideas. The Institute administers over 200 programs, serving more than 20,000 individuals each year.

    International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) Grant
    Opportunities for U.S. Scholars to teach/research in the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe, Mongolia, and the successor states of the former Soviet Union.

    MacArthur Foundation (Program on Global Security and Sustainability)

    National Science Foundation
    International research and education is funded in the form of fellowships, travel grants, summer institutes, workshops, research and education projects, and Antarctic projects.

    Program for Cultural Cooperation Between Spain's Ministry of Culture and United States' Universities
    Grants available for visiting professors, individual research, publications, dissemination and study of Spanish cinema, symposia and seminars, subsidies for professional associations, and dissemination of Spanish culture through the arts. (612) 625-9888 or

    Rotary Grants for University Instructors
    Awarded to higher education faculty to teach at universities or colleges of their choice in developing countries. $10,000 for 3-5 months, $20,000 for 6-10 months.

    Woods Hole Sea Semester program oftentimes sails with visiting faculty on board. They're typically marine science folk, but occasionally Melville or Conrad scholars, or others, participate -individuals who are keen to learn how to sail on a tall ship. Inquiries can be addressed to Dr. Audrey Meyer, Academic Dean.

    ADDITIONAL AGENCIES : (Some of the following organizations are already embedded in other listings.)

    NAFSA: Association for International Educators
    Internet sites as well as journals and books related to advisement for student overseas opportunities





    International Exchange Locator: A Resource Directory for Educational and Cultural Exchange (available in the CSULB Library: LB2376.166 2005): Listings and descriptions of Exchange Organizations, Foreign Affairs Agencies, and Federal Government Exchanges.

    International Handbook of Universities (Ref LA226 15 1998): Entries are alphabetized within each country by town or city. Telephone, fax, and telex numbers are provided for each university, along with a brief history of the institution, language of instruction, academic departments, and mailing address. (Restricted to degree-granting institutions at the university level.)

    World of Learning (Ref AS2 W6 1995): Includes nearly every country in the world, with headings such as state universities, private universities, colleges, and libraries. Information for each institution posts the mailing address, telephone, telex, and fax number, as well as administrators and faculty.

    Planning for a Leave or Sabbatical:

    Teaching Overseas