International Education & Global Engagement
  • Are there scholarships available?

    The Center for International Education does not offer any scholarships and scholarships for international students in general are limited. You are welcome to contact the Center for Scholarship Information (CSI) for more information on scholarships:

    What are my housing options?

    Please click here to visit our housing website.

    Do you offer a pick-up service from the airport upon arrival?

    The university does not offer a pick-up service, but you can use any of the methods of transportation listed on the Long Beach Airport Ground Transportation page. 

    Do I need to take EPT/ELM?

    Admitted overseas applicants are not required to complete EPT/ELM. Some freshmen are waived from placement exams (due to ACT or SAT scores).  Freshmen who are not waived will take placement exam(s) during the mandatory International Student Orientation Day.

    Do I need to attend SOAR and International Student Orientation?  Are they different?

    SOAR, Int’l Student Orientation, and Check-In are all different events. These are mandatory events required by the University or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Follow the Required Steps to Enrollment based on your status on the Newly Admitted Students webpage. 

    What if I arrive late and cannot attend SOAR?

    You will have to contact SOAR directly for more information.  You can email or the SOAR website for more information.

    Do I have to pay for health insurance? Should I purchase it now or when I arrive?    

    An insurance hold has been placed for all international students that will prevent enrollment.  Students need to purchase the insurance in order to release the hold. Students will also need to show proof of insurance during the CIE check-in. Click here for more information on health insurance.

    Does the university require a health examination?

    Immunization and Tuberculosis test result from within the last year are required.  There is no health exam that is required.  You can visit the Student Health Services website to learn more.

    When can graduate students register for classes?

    Graduate students should receive registration information from their academic departments.

    What student organizations are available and how can I join them?

    Please click here to visit the website of Student Life and Development for information on student organizations.