International Education & Global Engagement
  • Only applicants who have not completed any coursework at a college or university after high school graduation are considered First Time Freshmen. You must list all high schools/secondary institutions attended on your application to avoid a delay in processing.

    Freshmen application deadlines can be found under Application and Document Deadlines. However, Freshmen interested in a BA in Music and BA in Dance must contact the department regarding an earlier deadline. Those who complete their application past the departmental deadline may be withdrawn.

    Freshmen admission criteria may vary depending on your status. Please make note of which category you will be applying to in order to ensure you submit all the correct documents.

    All Freshmen applicants must submit the following items:

    1. File a CSULB application through Cal State Apply

    2. All transcripts from all institutions attended

    3. English Language Requirements

    Below are the requirements for SAT/ACT scores:

    1. SAT/ACT scores requirements:
      • International Freshmen who require an F-1 Visa with only foreign coursework will not be required to take the SAT/ACT
      • All domestic Freshmen and International Freshmen graduating from a U.S. high school will be required to submit the SAT/ACT
      • SAT code:3594/ACT code: 0302


    For students in which the SAT/ACT is required, will need to meet a sliding scale which combines the GPA and SAT/ACT score. The lower the grades are, the higher overall SAT/ACT score should be. When considering an applicant’s eligibility index, the highest mathematics and verbal scores are calculated.