College of Professional & International Education
  • Students may drop courses before the session begins, and for the first week of a three-week course using the May Intersession Registration form (available soon). Refer to the Refund Schedule. Beginning the second week, a “W” will be posted to a student's transcript for any course dropped after these deadlines:

    Three-week course: May 26, 2020

    Two-week course or shorter: First class meeting

    To drop a course, obtain approval signatures on the May Intersession Registration form (available soon) and submit to the College of Professional and International Education (CPIE) Registration Office (FND-104) during regular business hours. The following signature requirements must be met by the appropriate deadlines:

    For a three-week course:

    For a two-week or shorter course:

    Withdrawals occurring in the last week of instruction:

    A withdrawal with 'W' deadline (with three signatures) is June 5, 2020. For a two-week or shorter course, the deadline is before the start of the final week of the course. Instructor, Department Chair, College Dean, and Provost signatures are required and withdrawals occurring during this period is subject to review at Enrollment Services BH-123.


    Class withdrawals during the final week of instruction are not permitted except for very serious and compelling reasons, such as accidents or serious injuries that are clearly beyond the student's control and the assignment of an Incomplete grade is impracticable (see Requirements for Assigning an Incomplete Grade).

    In almost all cases, withdrawal in the last week of the May Intersession will involve total withdrawal from all classes due to the serious nature of the circumstances, i.e. a documented, serious medical condition that requires withdrawal from all courses, and is accomplished by using the Medical Withdrawal Petition. If the medical withdrawal request is approved, the administrative grade of WE is assigned and the units will not be subject to CSULB’s undergraduate withdrawal limit.

    If the basis for the request cannot be substantiated by medical documentation, i.e. the documented death of an immediate (not extended) family member; a call from reserve to active military service, etc. or is a request for only a partial withdrawal, the student should complete the Petition to Withdraw from a Class(es) After the First Two Weeks or the Petition to Withdraw from a Class(es) in the Final Three Weeks. In addition, the student must provide appropriate documentation to substantiate the request. Due to the unusual nature of these requests, a withdrawal from a course in the final week of the May Intersession requires approval from the instructor, Chairperson of the department of the class, the Dean of the college in which the class is taught, and the Office of the Provost. These requests are carefully reviewed and approved only when the documentation supports a serious and compelling reason beyond the student’s control. If the request is approved and meets the definition above, the administrative grade of WE is assigned and the units will not be subject to CSULB’s undergraduate withdrawal limit.

    Should the request not be approved, the student must initiate the 'incomplete process' where applicable or complete the class. Students who do not follow the appropriate withdrawal procedure (i.e., simply cease attending class) will have a symbol of WU place on their record for each class. The WU is treated as an F for GPA calculation.

    For additional information, see Undergraduate Unit Limit policies. Please click here for information on Exception to Academic Policy for Undergraduate Limit.

    Non-attendance in a course, notifying the instructor, or stopping payment on a check does not officially constitute dropping or withdrawing from a course. Students attempting these methods without submitting a Intersession Registration form to the CPIE Registration Office (FND-104) will receive a grade of 'WU' in the course. In the case of a stop payment order or non-sufficient funds the student is financially liable for that bad check.

    Students are obligated to officially withdraw from their course even though they may not have attended.

    Instructor Withdrawals

    Instructors may not submit student drops or withdrawals for Intersession.

    Medical Withdrawals

    If you become seriously ill, injured, or hospitalized and are unable to complete the Intersession term, you may withdraw without academic penalty. The Medical Withdrawal Request/Statement of Disability form is available from and must be completed by the attending physician. The completed form should be submitted to Enrollment Services for approval.

    The deadline to apply for a Medical Withdrawal and receive a refund for May Intersession is June 5, 2020. Any refund is based on the date the completed form is received.

    ​In response to COVID-19, the university is transitioning to alternate delivery of classes. Click here to learn more.