College of Professional & International Education
  • What Is May Intersession?

    May Intersession starts after finals week at CSULB as an accelerated three-week session. The dates for the May Intersession are May 18-June 5, 2020. 

    Credit courses are approved university courses. Courses meet residence requirements and may be applied toward a degree program. If you expect to complete degree or credential requirements during May Intersession, you should check with your advisor regarding course applicability.

    Is there self-service registration via MyCSULB?

    Registration for May Intersession begins March 2, 2020 for current CSULB students.

    Can I (a non-CSULB student) register in person?

    Non-matriculated (non-CSULB students) may register in person at the College of Professional and International Education starting May 18, 2020. Email registration is also available. Please see registration for non-CSULB students.

    Can I apply May Intersession courses toward a Spring graduation?

    No, units earned in the May Intersession may not be used toward the spring graduation date. 

    How many units can I take?

    Students can take up to 4.0 units. 

    Who can attend May Intersession?

    Formal admission to the university is not required.  Registration during the May Intersession does not constitute admittance to the university. Both matriculated and non-matriculated students can take May Intersession. Prerequisites and required approvals for courses as designated by the course curriculum apply during the May Intersession.

    How much do courses cost during the May Intersession?

    Undergraduate courses are $331 per unit; graduate courses are $405 per unit; and teacher credential courses are $378.

    Will financial aid pay for my classes during the May Intersession?

    Please contact financial aid for more information at (562) 985-8403.

    How do I know if I am considered a matriculated student?

    A matriculated student is one that is admitted to CSULB.  Matriculated students can register through MyCSULB starting March 2, 2020. 

    If you are not sure whether or not you are admitted, please check with the CPIE Registration Office at (562) 985-5561.

    If you are not admitted (non-matriculated) you can still enroll in May Intersession. Non-matriculated students cannot register through MyCSULB, however they can register via email and in person. Please see the Non-CSULB Students: How to Register page for more information.

    Can I attend May Intersession if I am a high school student?

    Yes. High school students are welcome to attend May Intersession as long as an official letter of recommendation from the high school principal or counselor is attached to the registration request form specifying if the credits earned are for college credits or high school credits. High school students will register as non-matriculated students.

    Can I register for May Intersession through the website or by phone?

    Eligible matriculated CSULB students can register via the web by navigating to MyCSULB.  Registration by phone is not available. 

    Non-matriculated students can register in person. The registration form can be downloaded and printed.

    What are the CPIE registration window hours?

    Our regular business hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm and Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

    How will I know if I am enrolled in class through May Intersession?

    If you register by MyCSULB, you can check your enrollments via MyCSULB. 

    What methods of payment does CPIE accept?

    CPIE accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and check/money order if enrolling by email or drop box. Cash is not accepted.

    How can I look up a course description?

    Course descriptions can be found in the CSULB catalog via the CSULB web site. Go to Click on CSULB catalog, click on the 'Table of Contents,' scroll down to “Colleges” and then click on the appropriate college.

    Can I drop my classes and receive a refund?

    Prior to the first day of May Intersession, students may drop a course with a 100% refund less $10 processing fee. Please refer to the Refund Policy page for more information regarding drop activity occurring on and after the first day of the May Intersession.

    What is my password when logging on to the web site for the first time?

    To activate your MyCSULB account for the first time, your birth date will serve as the default password. The BeachBoard Help Desk is available for assistance in using the MyCSULB web site; they can be reached at (562) 985-4959.

    What is a campus I.D. number, and do I need one to enroll in Intersession?

    Yes. A campus I.D. number is issued by the university and is used in place of your Social Security number. A campus I.D. number is issued to all new students by the University for registration and identification purposes. If you are a current Open University student, you will continue to use the existing I.D. number that was assigned to you.

    What if I have more questions?

    Contact the CPIE Student Services Center at (800) 963-2250 or

    ​In response to COVID-19, the university is transitioning to alternate delivery of classes. Click here to learn more.