College of Professional & International Education

    Hours of Operation:

    Anytime except during scheduled maintenance

    MyCSULB Registration Instructions

    1. If accessing the system for the first time, click 'First Time User.'  Enter your Campus ID - printed on the front of your Campus ID card. Enter your birth date (MMDDYY, e.g. 060383). You will then be prompted to enter information in case you forget your password and to select a new password. After submitting this information, you will be returned to the login page.
    2. Enter your Campus ID and new password.
    3. Under My Menu, click Registration and Academics.
    4. Under Enrollment, click View Enrollment Appointment to verify your first access date and time. Click Enroll in a Class to register, add, place yourself on a waitlist, drop, update or swap classes.
    5. Select the Summer 2020 term.  All May Intersession courses are listed with a code of 'SSI.' 
    6. Click Return to Academics and then click Enroll in a Class.
    7. If you know the 4- or 5-digit Class Number of the first class you wish to add, enter it in the Class Nbr. box
      Search for classes by clicking Look-up. See Search the class schedule online.
    8. If registering for a class with a related component, e.g. lab or activity, make a note of the related component that fits your schedule since you will need to select your preferred related component later in the process.
    9. To add, click the checkbox to the left of the class you wish to add. Select a related component and/or units of credit (variable unit courses only), if required. Click OK to proceed.
    10. Repeat previous steps until you have entered all your classes.
    11. After entering your classes, click SUBMIT. Failure to submit will result in losing your registration request(s).
    12. Carefully check the Add status message for each class requested. “Success” or “Success/Messages” will display if your registration is successful. Click on Success/Messages and “Errors found” to see additional information or to determine why registration was unsuccessful.
    13. To waitlist a full class, check “OK to Waitlist?” and click SUBMIT. If successful, a message will indicate your position on the waitlist.
    14. To swap classes, click Swap Classes. Enter the Class Number of the class you wish to “swap to” next to the class you wish to drop if your “swap to” class is available. Be aware that you will lose your place in the class you wish to “swap from” if you check “OK to Waitlist” for the class you wish to “swap to”.
    15. To drop a class or indicate units of credit for a class, click Drop/Update Classes. Select the appropriate action:
      • Drop:  to drop an enrolled class
      • Update:  to change units of credit for variable unit classes
    16. SUBMIT. Click View My Schedule to carefully review, confirm and print your schedule.
    17. Check your account balance: Under “My Menu”, click Finances and Aid and, under “Account”, click Account Summary.
    18. Pay your fees promptly to avoid cancellation of your registration requests.


    1. Do not use your “back” button as this will log you out of the registration system.
    2. Do not double-click your mouse on a link and do not click additional links while waiting for a response; these actions may cause processing delays.
    3. Read all messages carefully.
    4. Confirm your schedule.

    ​In response to COVID-19, the university is transitioning to alternate delivery of classes. Click here to learn more.