College of Professional & International Education
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    A documentary profile about the first licensed African American Architect in California. PRW designed the themed restaurant at LAX, homes for major movie stars in Hollywood, and the Long Beach Navy Base. This documentary received a 2008 Long Beach Heritage Merit Award.

    Long Days Working Hard

    An hour-long documentary about the internationally prominent role of Long Beach during World War II, including shipbuilding, Navy activity, aircraft manufacturing, Rosie the Riveter and more. This documentary aired on PBS stations across the nation in 2009-2012.

    Panama Canal Expansion: The Battle for Jobs and Cargo

    A short documentary about the efforts to expand the locks in the Panama Canal and the resulting impact on world trade patterns. This program won a 2012 national Hometown Media Award for best documentary and has aired on Colorado Public Television and the California Channel.

    Sky Blue Sea: Long Beach Naval and Aviation History
    Blessed by nature with a clear blue sky and a deep blue sea, Long Beach, California was home to many of America's most important naval and aviation developments and accomplishments from 1910-1990. This hour-long documentary explores the dynamic history of Long Beach and features the famous fliers, entrepreneurs, sailors, and daredevils that put the city on the map. Sky Blue Sea was nominated for a 2015 Los Angeles Area Emmy Award, and aired on PBS stations across the nation from 2016-2018.

    Tai Chi with Dr. Daniel Hoover
    An interesting addition to AMP’s programming has been a series on Tai Chi, which has garnered well over half a million views.  Tai Chi, an ancient healing art-form based on a series of movement patterns, is designed to build transformational tools that have been associated with increased coordination, focused attention and concentration, increased positive energy, self-esteem and self-confidence.