College of Professional & International Education
  • Live stream Beach TV here. Beach TV is on Charter Cable 95 and FIOS 25 in Long Beach and Signal Hill. You can also find us in Lakewood on Time-Warner's Channel 28.


    Beach TV is a nonprofit local educational cable TV channel operated 24/7 on cable systems in Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Lakewood.  Mandated by the FCC and California DIVCA regulations as a  PEG (Public Access, Educational, and Governmental) channel, Beach TV currently is carried by Charter Cable and Verizon FiOS in Long Beach and Signal Hill, and by Time Warner Cable in Lakewood. There are approximately 150,000 connected homes (including roughly 500,000 residents) that have access to Beach TV programming via the various cable systems. Beach TV is managed, operated, and programmed by Advanced Media Production.

    Programs airing on Beach TV are acquired through several means. Many programs are produced by AMP staff and student assistants.  Other programs are produced and contributed by CSULB students in Broadcast Journalism courses and in the Film and Electronic Arts Department. Some programs have been provided by the “College Beat” Associated Students media production team. Regular series programs also are acquired from outside producers. These externally produced programs are accessed at no cost and are typically utilized as third run series on PBS or other nonprofit educational broadcast outlets. All shows are screened for appropriate non-commercial content and educational relevance.

    Internally produced programming focuses on important campus issues, innovative research emanating from CSULB, prominent guest speakers, special events, and festive, engaging on-campus activities. Since 1985 when the first switch was flipped connecting Beach TV to the local cable TV companies, the channel has served as a valuable resource for delivering positive University publicity, reaching into the homes of local residents. Viewers who may never set foot on campus nevertheless know about the noteworthy activities occurring at CSULB because of Beach TV’s program distribution.

    Some examples of high-profile special guests on Beach TV over the recent years include the following:

    Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Stevie Wonder, Grammy-winning performer

    Kirk Douglas, Time-honored actor

    The Dalai Lama, Spiritual leader

    Martin Yan, “Yan Can Cook” PBS Chinese cuisine chef

    Dolores Huerta, Activist and rights advocate for Latino farm workers

    Juan Williams, Former NPR commentator, now Fox News commentator

    Arianna Huffington, Founder of the Huffington Post

    Temple Grandin, Best-selling author on the topic of Autism/Asperger’s Syndrome

    Admiral Eric Olson, Former Commander of the Navy Seals and Special Operations

    Former Governor George Deukmejian

    Erwin Chemerinsky, National media commentator and Founding Dean of UC Irvine Law School 

    In addition to the household names listed above, dozens of other prominent special presenters are taped each year, such as the former U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan and the Ambassador from Nepal.

    See the Beach TV Program Schedule here.