​PHOTO: Ms. Manxia Li performs at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Chinese Culture Festival at CSULB

This  year’s  Chinese  Culture  Festival  focused  on  China’s  rich tradition  of  music and fine art. The opening ceremony took place on March 10 in the Carpenter Center at CSULB and featured speeches  from  distinguished  guests  followed  by  a  music concert with vocal and instrumental soloists, an orchestra, and a full choir.

AVP of International  Education and CCPE  Dean Jeet Joshee hosted the event and spoke alongside honored Chinese delegates and campus, state, and federal representatives.  After a  formal  gift exchange, tai chi artists and calligraphers  worked simultaneously along  to traditional Chinese music, sharing the Chinese  view  of  interconnection  between the mind, body, and art.

Next,  Ms.  Xinguang  Guo,  former  singing  partner  of  the current  First  Lady  of  China,  sang  beloved  Chinese regional favorites such as Pamir Mountains  and  My  Hometown.  The  closing  performance  was  a  five-act  piece  entitled  Dizigui (Standards  for  Being a Good Pupil and Child), conducted  by Timothy  Su.  The  title  and  lyrics are taken from the book of the same title by Qing dynasty Emperor Li Yuxiu, based on the philosophical teachings of Confucius. 

The  festival’s  art  exhibition  showcased  artwork  from  some  of China’s most  accomplished  artists.  Many  of  the  artists  were present  to  answer questions  about  the  work,  and  some artists painted or created calligraphy while visitors watched.

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