Along  with  China  Central  Television (CCTV) and International Daily News,  the  International  Training Programs Office at CCPE hosted the third  Chinese  Culture  Festival,  this  time  focusing  on  regional  Chinese cuisine.

The lead-up to the festival featured a  contest  and  a  drawing,  both  sponsored by CCTV and the popular Chinese television series A Bite of China, which  offers  insights  into  the  geo graphical,  historical,  and  cultural dimensions of Chinese food.

The winner of the contest was presented with a  nine-day  tour  of  China,  including hotel  and  airfare, and the winner of the drawing received round-trip airfare  to  China  and  three  nights  in  a  hotel  in  Yangzhou.  Both  the  contest  and the drawing focused on the show A Bite of China.

The opening ceremony, which took place  in  the  Beach Auditorium at CSULB on April 22, featured distinguished  speakers including  China Central Television’s Bai Hua, CSULB Interim President Donald Para (then Provost),  Consul  General  of  China  in Los Angeles Qiu Shaofang, former State Assemblyman Mike Eng, and a video  message  from  Congresswoman  Judy  Chu. 

After  a  presentation of gifts,  the  audience  was  treated  to  a  Bian-Lian  (face-changing)  performance, teapot juggling, and a musical performance by Veronica Lopez and the South California Philharmonic.

The  ceremony  was  followed  by  a  well-attended  banquet  that featured food demonstrations by Master Chef Martin Yan and Iron Chef Tony Wu and  an  eight-course  Chinese  meal.  Events throughout  the  week  included  food  and  art  demonstrations on  campus.

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