PHOTO: Members of the Peking Opera on stage after finishing their impressive performance at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center

For  the  second  time,  CCPE  hosted  the  Chinese  Film  and Culture  Festival at CSULB, which kicked off with an impressive Opening Ceremony at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center  on October  20th.  The  ceremony  opened  with  speeches  from CSULB President  F.  King  Alexander,  CCPE  Dean Jeet Joshee, and special guests Li Yan (CEO of Beauty Media and President of ICN TV Network), Qiu Shaofang (Consul General of the People’s Republic  of  China  to  Los  Angeles), and Li Chunyu (Vice Director of the Bureau of Culture, Broadcast, Movie and Television, Tianjin City).

The audience was then treated to a Bian Lian performance,  an ancient Chinese  dramatic  art  in  which  performers wear brightly colored masks, which are changed within fractions of a second (and without the use of the performer’s  hands).  The  Tianjin  Peking Opera Troupe closed out the ceremony with performances of excerpts from three traditional operas, which combine  music, mime,  and  dance with vocal performances.

Over the next week, artists set up in the  University  Student Union  Ballroom,  where  students  and  visitors  could  watch them  work  and  buy  the finished products. Li Qiang, a papercutting master who has created more than  1,000  pieces  of  art,  showed  off his  intricate  papercuts,  and  Wang Qian and Zhao Ying presented their Yangliuqing  Spring  Festival  Pictures  and painted bottles.

Popular  Chinese  rock  band  Gray Wolf, which fuses modern rock with Han Chinese and Xinjiang elements, held a mini-performance in the U.S.U. Ballroom,  which  was  followed  by  a  full performance at the Beach Auditorium.  Throughout  the  week, eight modern Chinese films were screened for free in the Beach Auditorium, including Aftershock, Eternal Moment, Shaolin,  Walking  to  School, and The Blue Knight.

From  the  fascinating  films  and  beautiful  music  to  the impressive artwork and lively performances, the 2011 Chinese Film and Culture Festival was a great success.

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