College of Professional & International Education

Professional Designation Program

"This program exceeded my expectations in every way. I spent a long time last summer choosing between this program and another professional online content program. I am SO HAPPY I chose this one. My close friends comment on how enthusiastic I am about my future career, how confident I am, and how great this is going to be for me."

--Donna Mosher

"Practical application is the name of the game now, and I feel this course gave me the tools to get started. It was literally everything I needed. The course was challenging but rewarding. Totally worth the investment!"

--Monique Abioye

"The practical tools are gold for me. I’ve already incorporated Manuscript Charts, Nonfiction Templates, and Musical Line Editing into my process with current clients. This Ghostwriting program isn’t like any course or program I’ve taken before. From week one, Claudia and company emphasized utility over theory. In other words, the distance from learning to earning is happily short! I'm blown away by the abundant publishing industry knowledge this program offers."

--Joshua Lisec
"I hope the university realizes what a diamond it has in this life-changing professional designation certificate program! The quality is off the chain. Claudia Suzanne is the Einstein of ghostwriting—and a master teacher. This combination is rare. The curriculum is phenomenal—intense, generous, brilliant, and complete. That it achieves all its ambitious goals is an accomplishment in itself. That it does so in the most real, inspirational, and positive ways possible is yet another."--Lorraine Ash
"After completing Claudia Suzanne's Ghostwriting course, I was full of knowledge and inspiration. But after working on a manuscript under her mentorship, I was impressed by my own expertise when I spoke with a prospective client. At times during that conversation, I stood back as an observer and was thrilled to hear industry knowledge rolling off my tongue, confidence in creating a quick table of contents to use as an outline, and the ease with which I answered questions while soothing concerns. I was astonished at how much I'd learned after doing one book under Claudia's tutelage. And I walked away with a new book contract! Working with Claudia cemented everything I'd learned, and was a delightful experience."--Sabriga Turgon, Certified Ghostwriter / Freelance Writer / Editor
"There have been times when I felt like my head was going to explode with all the new knowledge you were exposing me to. I've gained enormous self-confidence."--Victory Crayne
"You really launched me. Every one of your 'Rules' has been absolutely essential… Just [signed] another client…  God, this is so fun. Just wanted to let you know, and thank you again."--Jane Ploetz
"BEST. CLASS. EVER."--Pam Sheppard
"This class had so much meat in it that the time went very quickly! I actually felt my brain expanding. . . . It really went further than I had expected. I felt like I got true insight into the processes that make a ghost successful and sets the professional apart from the run-of-the-mill."--Maryan Pelland
"At first I was skeptical about the format (synchronous/online). I'm used to online classes being go-at-your-own-pace. But once I got into the classes, I saw how valuable it was to work together. Thank you so much."--Tracy Hume
"I had no sense of what to expect from this class, so it would be impossible for me to say it was what I expected. But it was much, much more than I could have possibly imagined. . . . . What I would say about this course to someone looking in from the outside: You have no idea how amazing this course is!"--Carolyn Smut-Haas
"For the love of god, I am glad I took your course. Short version: needy client and a minefield of emotions that will explode under the pressure of unicorn tears—but, because of your tough love . . .  I am able to handle it."--Alan Hester
"The range and depth of information satisfied my need for professional development and enrichment. I now have a much greater understanding of ghostwriting protocols and the ghostwriting business. Plus, the course has given me more confidence and clarity about how to pursue ghostwriting as a lucrative and viable career."--Karen Propp
"I can’t say enough positive things about Claudia and her team: always there to help; such a wealth of information about the industry and ghostwriting methods. I couldn’t be happier that I decided to take this class."--Ilana Schwartz
"The most unexpected thing about the class was how much I enjoyed the fiction section. I remember originally wishing I could have just taken nonfiction a la carte (even as a lover of fiction). In fact, I recall asking a somewhat snarky question about getting clients at the end of the nonfiction section hoping I could just get the keys to the kingdom and weigh the option of taking the second half of the course this spring or saving it for a time when I had a little more disposable income. The split appeared to me to be impractical as I thought so much of what we would be doing would be nonfiction. I’m sure our careers will show whether or not that’s true, but the fiction section is essential to understanding what it really means to ghost. If ghostwriting is, as Claudia says, the Apex of writing, then ghosting fiction is the apex of ghostwriting. I never would have expected I would have liked/been helped by the fiction portion of the certification as much as I was. Emphasize that to students that both halves are necessary to getting it! The idea of saving the money for the second half of class now seems absurd, as I think Derek Lewis said in his intro the textbook, how can I afford not to take the (fiction part of the) course?"--Alex Dwyer
"I've been telling all my writing friends about this course. I'd been ghosting (or trying to) for years. I now see where I went wrong in the past and what to do right for the future. It's intense, it's fun, and I've learned so much. If you're going to do anything to advance your career, take this course. It's one rollicking ride."--Roxanne King