College of Professional & International Education

Professional Designation Program

Analysis and Recommendations

Analysis and Recommendations (A&R), an essential proprietary tool, is an effective way to qualify projects and clients. It serves as a dynamic sales tool and a source of income. This sequence of 5 separate modules includes parameters, techniques, and analytical strategies for nonfiction, memoir/narrative, and fiction A&R.

Topics include:

  • Fiction and nonfiction analysis
  • Fiction and nonfiction recommendations
  • Recognizing and remedying deal breakers
  • Author vs. reader perspective
  • First vs. second draft



Structure is the #1 reason manuscripts get rejected and published books go unread—and perhaps the most overlooked element of rewriting. This module covers nonfiction memoir, narrative, and fiction.

Topics include:

  • Principles of structure and logical template known as “slinky flow”
  • Nonfiction and memoir structure/restructure templates, parameters, and techniques
  • Fiction plot-mapping, character studies, and plot/character integration



From the author’s point of view, ghostwriting is all about maintaining their voice. From the ghostwriter’s perspective, the endeavor is a bit more complex. This module covers nonfiction, memoir/narrative, and fiction.

Topics include:

  • The principles of voice, intent, and perspective
  • Interpretation, deduction, and manipulation
  • Premise vs. theme


Line Edit

This vital but seldom-addressed edit enhances the manuscript’s music, drive, energy, and rhythm. This module covers nonfiction, memoir, and fiction; and requires a basic understanding of syntax, grammar, and punctuation. Students and instructors will line-edit in real time during class sessions.

Topics Include:

  • Passive and static writing vs. active prose
  • Pacing for effect
  • Author intrusion in fiction



All nonfiction books are sold by proposal; all novels and non-celebrity memoirs are sold by synopsis, once the full manuscript is completed. This module covers nonfiction, memoir, and fiction.

Topics Includes:

  • Nonfiction proposals
  • Novel synopses
  • Compelling, effective query letters



Transitioning from editorial freelancer to professional ghostwriter takes a change in perception, attitude, stance, appearance, overture, and delivery. This final, wrap-up module prepares the student to enter the marketplace as someone who commands a professional-level fee for professional-level service.

Topics Include:

  • Your professional presentation and marketing plan
  • Fees, bids, and contracts
  • Troubleshooting common client problems