College of Professional & International Education

Graduate Studies 700

Registration Deadline for Summer 2019: Friday, July 19, 2019

Every semester, graduate students must be registered in a course, or in GS 700, or must have an approved educational leave. During Winter and Summer sessions, enrollment in a course or GS 700 is required only if the student plans to graduate during that particular term. Registration in GS 700 is restricted to graduate students who have completed all the coursework but need additional time to complete their thesis or project. If a student wishes to take a semester off before resuming coursework, she or he must take a Planned Educational Leave, not GS 700. The purpose of this restriction is to keep students on track to completion within the required seven-year period.

Although GS 700 is a zero unit course, the fee is based on one unit of credit for payment purposes; no unit credit is added to the student's program or transcript.


In order for successful enrollment in GS 700, your graduation date must not have passed already. You are responsible for maintaining your graduation progress through the Enrollment Services office (Brotman Hall 123) by filing a Request to Change Graduation Date form. For more information regarding filing for graduation or graduation date changes, contact Enrollment Services at (562) 985-5471.

The fee for GS 700 is $367.

Course Registration Information - Summer 2019

G S 700A - Graduate Studies for College of Health & Human Services
Class Number 10488

G S 700B – Graduate Studies for College of Liberal Arts
Class Number 10489

G S 700D – Graduate Studies for College of Education
Class Number 10491

G S 700E – Graduate Studies for College of Engineering
Class Number 10492

G S 700F – Graduate Studies for College of the Arts
Class Number 10493

G S 700G – Graduate Studies for College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Class Number 10494