College of Professional & International Education

Collections Management for Costume and Textiles
Professional Designation Program

"Through the Collections Management for Costume and Textiles program at CSULB, I learned valuable information specific to museums and special collections that was unavailable to me in other classes. The program also pairs all students with a local museum for hands-on experience, which provides a great opportunity to make connections and apply the knowledge from this program to experience in the real world."--Bridget Campos, Assistant Registrar at the Southwest Museum of the American Indian
"The Collections Management for Costume and Textiles program was a terrific opportunity for me to take my college education in fashion design to a higher level. I initially was unsure about a completely online course but quickly discovered that high-quality teaching transcends the limits of a computer-based classroom. It was because of this thorough training that I was able to successfully secure my present employment."--Jessica Butler, Mount Maker, Costume and Textiles, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)
"For the past two years, Collections Management for Costume and Textiles has been integral to the restoration of Western Costume Company’s Star Collection. Housing more than 6,000 costumes worn by actors from Fred Astaire to Rudolph Valentino, WCC’s archives is preparing for a Centennial Exhibition in 2012. The fieldwork students have consistently shown that the program’s emphasis on organization and careful planning works. The students have been instrumental in anticipating problems, envisioning realistic results, and diligently executing a plan with admirable professionalism. We have accomplished much together."--Bobi Garland, Director of Research and Costume Archive for Western Costume (program graduate and current fieldwork sponsor)
"My experience in the program was amazing. The fact that it was online made it very easy to integrate into my life. Tawny and Fionn were really great instructors, always willing to answer any questions or give extra information. I have continued volunteering at the museum where I did my fieldwork, and the program helped prepare me for a lot of the issues I encounter in regards to safe handling, labeling, and safe packing and storage solutions."--Katie Smith, program graduate, Victoria, Canada
"[The program] has been a lot of work, but one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. This is in no small measure due to the outstanding professorship of Tawny and Fionn, not to mention their kindness and patience. I only wish there were ongoing courses to take."--Lynn Burke