College of Professional & International Education

Global Logistics Specialist
Professional Designation Program

"The Global Logistics Specialist program at CSULB is one of a kind! Equipped with knowledgeable experts in the industry and research-driven interactive classes, it offers a well-rounded perspective of the supply chain. I highly recommend this program for both newcomers and those experienced in the field of logistics. Personally, it has not only given me the confidence and motivation to continue my education and career growth, but it has also opened the door to an amazing new job opportunity."

--Leidy D. Garcia, Maersk Logistics and Services
“I’ve been working in the ocean transportation industry for almost 20 years. Enrolling in the Global Logistics Specialist program allowed me to see the full picture of the supply chain. I learned more details about warehousing, trucking, customs clearance, and ocean and air transportation; as well as how future innovations in information technology will directly affect the industry. I valued the insight and experience not only provided by the instructors, but also my fellow students in the program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested or is already involved in the transportation industry.”--Wayne Meza, Jerich International

"The GLS Program has set the foundation for my new career in logistics. The instructors articulated their wealth of knowledge in such a way that I felt inspired and supported, even as a newcomer. Global Logistics is a dynamic field, and the program helps steer you toward critical thinking and inventive solutions to help prepare you for the new challenges ahead. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has an interest in global trade and goods movement."

--Katelyn Schipske, GLS alumnus