College of Professional & International Education

Global Logistics Specialist
Professional Designation Program

"I would like to thank the GLS program and the Harbor Transportation Club (HTC) for providing me with great opportunities in my personal career. Not only was I able to be educated by industry professionals in the GLS program, I was also able to increase my visibility and networking through the HTC. I would not be where I'm at in my career had it not been for the knowledge and leadership skills gained from the GLS program."--Grady Lee, Carrier Sales Representative, C.H. Robinson
"The Global Logistics Specialist course has been a very enriching experience. Thanks to the program directors, coordinators, and instructors I experienced close to six fantastic months of direct professional training, lecture, and exposure to the best knowledge in the industry. I met students from different countries and cultures and different parts of the country. In addition to the dynamic and qualified teachers and lessons that involve students in the process of learning about logistics, I also liked the trips and industry events. This course surpassed my expectations and I’m very proud to be part of the Alumni."--Cecya De La Torre, Global Logistics Specialist
"This is an amazing program for those who are uncertain about what they want to do or simply want to expand their knowledge in the logistics industry. I was amazed at all the several steps and the hard work it takes for goods to be in those shelves. It's a process that many don’t know about, so the industry is often taken for granted. Because of the GLS program I'm certain this is the industry for me, and this program has motivated me to pursue my masters in Global Logistics here at CSULB."--Vanessa Beltran, Field Administrative Assistant, Lincoln Transportation Services, Inc.
"This was such a great experience. Not only did I learn from the classes, but the group project taught me skills that only group projects can bring forth. I gained skills that I will be able to take back to my job."--Janet Minero, Business Consultant, 7-Eleven Inc.
"The GLS program has helped me in so many ways. It gave me a competitive advantage over other undergraduates in my field. I was able to understand and analyze a company's supply chain and think of ways to make it more efficient and cost effective. After graduating from the GLS program, I was immediately offered a job in logistics. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the GLS program, I wouldn't have been able to learn on the job so quickly and be able to pick up on the transportation jargon so easily." --Sokchanda Im, Pricing Analyst, NACA Logistics (USA), Inc. dba Vanguard Logistics Services
“The Global Logistics Specialist Designation Program opened a window of opportunity for continuous improvement in my career as a logistician, as well as the opportunity for me to move to a different job field in the world of logistics. For many years I worked in only a small part of the supply chain - Distribution, Transportation and Warehousing. I thought I knew enough when I started the certification program, but it introduced me to several new and complex segments of the supply chain. The instructors provided remarkable real world experience as well as the latest news and updates on their jobs, the industry, and their active enrollment in Global Logistics Organizations, Government, Community and Global and Local Services. My great experience and accomplishments could not have been achieved without the tremendous support of the entire CITT faculty at CSULB.”--Judith Barcelata, Operations Analyst, APL Logistics
"CITT's Global Logistics Specialist program is a comprehensive, broad-based course of study which covers all aspects of supply chain management. The instructors are top professionals in their fields. They gave me current, practical, and relevant information that I was able to use, not only my Capstone Project, but in the workplace. I would highly recommend this program to anyone in the transportation industry or anyone interested in pursuing a career in the industry."--Karen Allec, Owner, Getaway Gourmet
"Working for a company that is fairly new to being an NVOCC, it was important that I quickly get up to speed on that part of our business. The GLS program provided me the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and gain a better understanding of integrated supply chains and logistics. The instructors are well respected in the industry and the networking opportunities were invaluable. By far, the most challenging and rewarding part of the program was the capstone project. On many occasions it forced me to get out of my comfort zone and dive into areas of our business that I don’t normally get into on a daily basis. The entire GLS staff was very helpful and went out of their way to help me succeed. Having recently completed the program, I am already applying the lessons learned in my day to day interaction with our clients and I am now able to discuss their logistics requirements on a much higher level.”--Brian R. Cole, Marketing / Business Development Manager, Paramount Global Services, Inc.
"The GLS experience was incredibly insightful. I was able to gain a unique understanding of the Logistics Industry, the supply chain on a global scale and the associated costs. The instructors and guest speakers presented invaluable information. The problem-solving classroom activities and the Capstone project allowed for an unmatched networking experience. As a result I cultivated many friendships with the industry professionals in my class. These are relationships that I plan on developing for years to come."--Jannine Mongeon, Engineer and VP, Shore Medical Inc.
“The GLS program provides students with real-world data and in-depth study of the goods movement industry. Students are taught by working professionals in the goods movement industry and are provided with an opportunity to interact in a small class environment to better understand the various components to each module. The program concludes with a Capstone group project where students compete for a consulting assignment as they integrate all of the components of the GLS program into an Integrated Logistics Plan, which is presented both orally and in writing. Earning the GLS designation is a rewarding experience that requires a substantial commitment, but students will  no doubt be better suited to compete for employment opportunities, service assignments, and to better serve their clients and customers as a result of the program.”--Kevin M. Turner, Senior Vice President, Voit Real Estate Services