College of Professional & International Education

Marine Terminal Operations Professional -
Professional Designation Program

“After completing the program, I have a complete understanding of ILWU labor, how a terminal is designed and functions, and an understanding of automation, environmental issues, and financial modeling.”--Debra Shepack, Leasing Officer V, Real Estate Division, Port of Long Beach and Marine Terminal Operations Professional Designation Program Graduate
"I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports. As someone who works at the port I was very impressed with the depth of knowledge and experience each instructor had to offer. Every instructor provided me with something to take away and I felt that the entire experience was worthwhile and time well spent."--Vince Jimenez, Operations Manager, Rail Department, PA WBCT
"It hasn’t been hard to adapt to my new work environment because the MTOP program was so realistic and gave me a solid understanding of what goes on in a marine terminal. My greatest investments so far have been the GLS and MTOP programs. I’ve been putting the word out about how great these programs are."--Jessy Luna, Superintendent II, APL
"I was amazed to learn how complicated maritime ports really are; the MTOP program accelerated my knowledge on how ports function, and it also expanded my network of industry contacts."--Nick La Rosa, Marine Superintendent, APL/Eagle Marine Services
"I enrolled in the Marine Terminal  Operations Professional program in order to gain a deeper perspective on port operations. I transferred to the Port of Los Angeles in 2008 and I needed an overview. As the Manager of Operations and Maintenance, it is critical to have a good understanding of how ports function. The MTOP program was invaluable in helping me develop better networks and sources of information relative to the ports. I met many of my peers and key players in the industry, the instructors were top-notch, and the program was very well developed."--Joe Maldonado, Manager of Operations & Maintenance, Port of Los Angeles