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Global Logistics for International Students
Professional Designation Program

"After 6 months of taking the Global Logistics Specialist program at CSULB, I received a strong foundation for a newcomer like me. Every topic was taught by a different expert who has a strong background and experience in that industry. The course is well-organized, approachable, and also provides me with the chance to participate in events related to logistics--for example, visiting Toyota's warehouse. I also learned a lot from friends who have different professional industry backgrounds via the program's Capstone Project. The GLS program provides a diverse environment for me to learn. I highly recommend this program to anyone."

--Loi Truong Thai, Vietnam
"After graduating from high school, I studied Industrial Engineering at Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University in Indonesia. As my interest in logistics grew, I decided to enroll in the Global Logistics Specialist program at California State University, Long Beach. When I first started, I was nothing more than a student who wanted to learn more about logistics. However, I grew to understand the importance of logistics for businesses worldwide as I learned from leading instructors in the industry and as I worked cooperatively on a final capstone project with my teammates who are now great friends. I have widened my knowledge about logistics not only from the program, but also from meeting friends from other countries who shared their knowledge of logistics, habits and culture from their countries. The GLS has given me sufficient skills to enter the logistics industry from many perspectives. It’s been an amazing experience to earn my GLS designation in just six months.”--Kristiawan Atmadi, Indonesia
"After exporting vegetables from Spain to the north of Europe for eight years, I was looking for a way to expand my logistics knowledge. I needed a course where I could learn all the major logistics issues that I needed to know in order to import and export all around the globe. The only course I found that met all these needs was the GLS Professional Designation Program. This course has given me a broader perspective of the logistics industry, which has helped me create my own importing company. The GLS program provided me with the necessary skills to deal with any customer or vendor about logistics issues. The instructors were outstanding, diverse, and very charismatic. The course is very well organized and structured with materials that are highly relevant to the day-to-day logistics issues in any company. The staff at CITT created a welcoming environment for new students, which made me feel so comfortable. The GLS program has been an exceptional experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The quality of the instructors, the class materials, and the students made this course an unforgettable experience."--Hernan Vazquez Guillamet, Agricultural Engineer and owner of Harvest Imports, LLC
"I consider my educational experience in the GLS program as one of the most valuable I have ever had. I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in global logistics. The GLS instructors are experts from various parts of the industry. Their rich experiences and funny style made the class fun and engaging.  It's also a perfect chance to make friends with other industry professionals in the class. At the end of the GLS program, we were given a very challenging capstone project that gave us a chance to apply what we learned. It is an extraordinary program."--Fan Tai, Shenzhen, China, GLS and MAGL graduate

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