College of Professional & International Education

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering - Antelope Valley

"Having a cohort style structure in this program created a connection between my classmates and myself inside and outside of the classroom. This structure helped me to transition into the summer internship and prepared me to be a part of a successful team of engineers. A successful engineer is a cooperative team player. The most valuable experience I have learned in this program was teamwork, because cooperating together is a must to accomplish anything."--Amir Labib, AVEP student, 2017

“The access to industry was by far the number one reason for attending [AVEP]—a promise which the program delivered on beautifully. The small class sizes and the predetermined schedule of the program were also appealing. It was the direct access to an internship and consistent schedule during my time at AVEP that led to great opportunities, and in turn, to my success. It all stems from that.”

--David Salazar, graduate of the first cohort of AVEP (2013), National Science Foundation fellow, and PhD student at Stanford University