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Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering - Antelope Valley

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering – Antelope Valley program, offered through the Antelope Valley Engineering Program (AVEP), only accepts upper-division transfers with a minimum of 60 units. The program admits once a year in the Fall semester. There is no Spring semester admission. 

CSU Transfer Eligibility

To be considered for transfer admission to CSULB, applicants must be eligible for transfer to a California State University (CSU) campus. CSU application requirements can be found at

Major-Specific Transfer Requirements

To be considered for admission to the BS in Electrical Engineering - Antelope Valley major, applicants must demonstrate the following:

  • Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.5
  • Minimum lower division preparation (grade of C or better required):
    • 8 semester units of mathematics (MATH 122, 123)
    • 4 semester units of calculus-based physics (PHYS 151)
    • 4 semester units of Calculus III (MATH 224)
    • 4 semester units of Physics Electricity and Magnetism (PHYS 152)

Any applicant who meets both the CSU Transfer Eligibility requirements and the Major-Specific Transfer requirements will be entered into a competitive admission pool for the BS in Electrical Engineering - Antelope Valley major.

Preferred Requirements

Applicants in the competitive admission pool are evaluated for cohort readiness by checking for completion of Preferred Requirements. Preferred Requirements are considered satisfied if the course will be complete prior to the start of the AVEP cohort, or can be reasonably completed during the first semester of the program.

Preferred Requirements must be completed with a grade of C or better:


Major Courses

  • 3 semester units of computer programming (EE 186 or equivalent)
  • 3 semester units of computer methods (EE 202 or equivalent)
  • 4 semester units of electrical circuits (EE 211 and EE 211L or equivalent)
  • 3 semester units of applied modern physics (PHYS 254 or equivalent)


General Education

  • 9 semester units of category C (3 units of Art, 3 units of Humanities, and an additional 3 units of arts or Humanities)*
  • 9 semester units of category D (3 units of US History, 3 units of Constitution & American Ideals)*
  • 3 semester units of category E (self-integration)

* Choose 3 to 6 units in category C and/or D in Global Issues (3 units) and U.S. Human Diversity (3 units). See, "For GE/Breadth Agreement" menu item.


Offers of Admission

The rank of an applicant in the competitive pool is dependent on the overall GPA as well as the number of Preferred Requirements that have been satisfied. The candidates deemed by the Application Review Committee to be the best prepared to succeed in a cohort will be offered admission, subject to availability of space in the cohort.


To apply, go to Cal State Apply and be sure to select “Electrical Engineering - Extension.” The link will direct students to the BS in Electrical Engineering – Antelope Valley application (not the CSULB Long Beach main campus application).

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