College of Professional & International Education

Global Logistics
Professional Designation Program

Companies engaged in international trade and transportation are facing new workforce challenges. As technology transforms existing business practices and e-commerce continues to grow to serve new and existing markets, companies need employees who possess the knowledge and skills that are critical to remain competitive in a constantly changing global environment. Now, more than ever, lifelong learning is essential to remain qualified for today’s rapidly changing job market.

The Global Logistics Professional (GLP) program is designed in a flexible format to meet the unique training needs of individuals at various stages of their careers. Courses can be taken individually or in the entire sequence in order to earn the GLP professional designation. Taught by industry experts, the focused curriculum provides updated, practical information that requires students to think critically and research topics that will expand their understanding of the industry. Students work under the direction of instructors who also act as industry mentors with real-world experience, while additional opportunities are also available to network with professionals from different segments of the supply chain industry.

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