Career Building in an Online World

Certificate Program

You know you’re good. You also know that others should see how good you are - if only they had the chance. Now, though, with few or no ‘water-cooler’ moments, in-person presentations and a world that’s, at best, distracted, how do you break through…then break through again when it’s time for the next step?

By using the online world to help you build your career. From understanding your value and difference to and within the enterprise, to how to communicate your contributions to senior management in a way they’ll notice and appreciate, to gaining standing as a trusted voice in your industry, the tools are there. You just need to know how to use them.

This certificate is offered by CSULB in partnership with, an online provider of self-managed, self-directed, immediately implementable, measurable, repeatable professional development resources.

Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to receive a Digital Badge from CSULB’s College of Professional and International Education. Each Digital Badge is embedded with a link to secure and specific information confirming that the participant has obtained the necessary skills and competencies as described in the program. The badge also includes the participant’s name, the course title, and date of completion. Badges are shareable and can be uploaded to CVs, resumes, social media profiles, or other digital platforms. Click here to learn more about Digital Badges.

  • Managers and supervisors wanting to expand their careers and reputations
  • Employees wanting to bring more and better attention to their contributions and value in their industry
  • Anyone wanting to influence their world in a bigger, better way
  • Everyone wanting to move up in their career
  • Real-time application and implementation of concepts, skills and tools
    Immediately demonstrable measurable results
  • Improved ability to communicate, collaborate and influence in your organization and your industry
  • Interactive hints and tips provided by the LeadershipQuantified experts throughout the course
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and a Digital Badge
  • How to define your value in ways that resonate to a wider public
  • How to present your ideas, innovations and results in ways that gain you the positive attention you deserve
  • Effective use of online influencer tools to build your career and reputation
  • Ways to use those same tools to help your community, society and the world
  • Methods for presenting recommendations to senior management that gain their cooperation and support
  • Complete all course materials within an eight week period
  • Complete and submit the final project demonstrating your working knowledge of the content presented in the course materials