Essential Business Skills for the 21st Century

Certificate Program

No one has time to waste. Not you. Not your bosses, your customrrs, suppliers, teammates, colleagues or anyone else you do business with. Not just because “time is money” - although it is. It’s that time lost as a result of bad decisions is time and opportunity you can’t get back again. That’s why knowing, using and managing the most essential skills in business makes all the difference in the way managers and executives see you and your contribution to the enterprise.

When decisions are made and actions are taken with the speed, insight, innovation and forethought of Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making in concert - all based on your recommendations - management what they need to make the organization succeed. And you provided it.

This Certificate is offered by CSULB in partnership with, an online provider of self-managed, self-directed, immediately implementable, measurable, repeatable professional development resources.

Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to receive a Digital Badge from CSULB’s College of Professional and International Education. Each Digital Badge is embedded with a link to secure and specific information confirming that the participant has obtained the necessary skills and competencies as described in the program. The badge also includes the participant’s name, the course title, and date of completion. Badges are shareable and can be uploaded to CVs, resumes, social media profiles, or other digital platforms. Click here to learn more about Digital Badges.

  • Supervisors and managers wanting to set clear priorities, manage more effective teams, and deliver better results
  • Employees wanting to measurably demonstrate their value, be recognized for their contributions and feel better about their workday
  • Everyone wanting to move up in their career
  • Real-time application and implementation of concepts, skills and tools
    Immediately demonstrable measurable results
  • Improved ability to communicate, collaborate and influence in your organization and your industry
  • Interactive hints and tips provided by the LeadershipQuantified experts throughout the course
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and a Digital Badge
  • A multi-level Critical Thinking skills system that gets you directly to root causes
  • Problem-solving methodologies that solve the current problems and identify future problems before they occur
  • Interactive decision-making techniques that ensure the whole organization benefits from the ideas you bring forward
  • Methods for presenting recommendations to senior management that gain their cooperation and support
  • Complete all course materials within an eight week period
  • Complete and submit the final project demonstrating your working knowledge of the content presented in the course materials


The online, interactive course is offered with a start date every other week, and takes eight weeks to complete. Students receive hints and tips during the course period.