Critical Thinking Skills

Professional Development Course

Wrong decisions are made every day from wrong information the decision-makers need to make the best decision possible. But when you’re the person giving the right information - the best, most analytical, well-thought out information - you turn yourself into the Go-To Person for managers and executives at every level.

That information, which is so necessary for personal and professional success, comes from practicing the multi-level, holistic, values-driven Critical Thinking Skills needed to create on-the-job, measurable, monetized success.

This online, interactive course is offered with a start date every other week, and takes five weeks to complete. Students receive hints and tips during the course period. Students must successfully complete the course to receive a certificate.

This course is offered by CSULB in partnership with, an online provider of self-managed, self-directed, immediately implementable, measurable, repeatable professional development resources.

  • How to identify and analyze root causes of problems
  • A three-level thinking/analytical process to identify what's going wrong and why
  • How to assist in decision-making analysis and action recommendations
  • Skills for preparing and presenting solutions to management
  • Creative thinking skills for problem-solving and decision-making
  • How to document and present time and money savings based on your skills and recommendation