Customer Service

Professional Development Course

By the time you’re speaking with a customer, they’re usually unhappy. So is your management, because they don’t want unhappy customers. And so are you, because you’re trying your best to find a way to make everyone happy again. Including you.

Balancing all three components - your customer, your organization and you - and getting to a solution that makes everyone happy requires a thinking process and associated skills that most Customer Service Representatives don’t have. But you will - and because you do, you’ll shine to your customers and your management.

This course is offered by CSULB in partnership with, an online provider of self-managed, self-directed, immediately implementable, measurable, repeatable professional development resources.

  • How to identify and balance the needs of your customers, your management and you
  • Methods for gaining consensus from customers so that they know they’ve been listened to and respected
  • How to get positive management attention for your contributions to the organization’s success
  • Skills for preparing and presenting immediately implementable recommendations to your management
  • How to document and present time- and money-savings based on your recommendations


This online, interactive course is offered with a start date every other week, and takes five weeks to complete. Students receive hints and tips during the course period. Students must successfully complete the course to receive a certificate.